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Friends of Bill

Thank you for visiting "The Meanest Man in Sports" website, and Welcome to the FRIENDS OF BILL page.

Bill Bruce was The Master of Ceremonies for countless events over a busy 40-year career. The tables were turned once, in 1973, when Bill was roasted in front of 600 celebrities, dignitaries and his fellow Miamians. When Bruce got a chance to make the closing remarks, he turned to the room appreciatively and said, "I've got some great friends...none of whom are here tonight."

This website hopes that some of the famous, infamous and otherwise near and dear FRIENDS OF BILL will share your recollections, tall tales, or comments with the form at right.

Burnishing the History and Legacy of the Meanest Man in Sports (a guy who deflated the Egos of Legends, but always with a laugh!) is the purpose of this page.

Note: If used on this website, your message may be edited for content or length. Additionally, if you send a message claiming you're Joe Willie Namath, we'll need to see some ID, buddy!